Have A 4C Kiddo? This New 'Growth Complex' Kit Is For You!

Growth Complex 4C Hair Kit For Kids 

You called, we answered.

Our Kids Healthy Hair Kit has been a bestseller for the past several years.  

Ingredients Matter at JOS so we have history in giving you an easy hair care routine for your baby that it is:  

X Toxic Free
X Paraben Free
X Sulfate Free
X Petroleum Free
X No Mineral Oils
X No Phthalates
X No Animal Testing

With easy detangling and moisture for days our bestselling kit has served all types of children’s curls. 
Which is why we can’t wait to share what we’ve been cooking up for your 4c Prince and Princesses… 

 Growth Complex 4c is one of the only hair kits on the market specifically formulated for babies and toddlers who have 4c hair type.  

As a reminder, 4c hair consists of:
+Tightly coiled curls (kinks)
+Delicate strands that breaks off easily
+Heavy shrinkage
+Prone to tangles & locks
 +Holds natural styles well
+Soaks up conditioners & oils quickly
+Absolute perfection

We celebrate the kinky coily folks here as our founder is a proud 4c Naturalista Queen. 

So we understand that your 4c little one needs extra tender lovin care for their scalps and new growth.
This BRAND NEW kit is gushing with ayurvedic, natural ingredients that promote the best health and growth for your precious one’s hair. 
What’s In The New Box?
  • Our Hydrating Shampoo just got upgraded to include Black Soap.
We added Chebe and Karkar Oil to your favorite Biotin Conditioner. 
  • The kit now includes Super Detangling Milk. 
  • A thicker buttercream for maximum moisturizing.
  • A completely new hair oil to promote growth and health. 
J’Organics Growth Complex 4c Hair Kit for Kids commits to put an immediate end to the struggle of wash days and all those unnecessary tears! 
When your child’s hair is healthy, moisturized, and nutrient rich, detangling and styling becomes SO much easier.

BLACK SOAP HYDRATING SHAMPOO: Gently cleans the hair and scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils which normally leads to dry hair and scalp. 
Black soap is naturally rich in Vitamins A & E. Combined with our original ingredients of  Pro Vitamin B5 this is sure to be our most nourishing shampoo yet!
The last bonus we’ve added is Chebe powder to start growing your baby’s hair in an All Natural, healthy way. 
Chébé: natural deep treatment and detangling formula that strengthens the hair shaft, reduces breakage, and promotes hair growth.

BIOTIN MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER:  Stimulating Conditioner promotes fuller, thicker looking hair while helping to stimulate new growth with vitamins: biotin, niacin and vitamin B6. Hydrates hair from roots to ends while adding shine, elasticity and putting a stop to 4c breakage. 
Chebe and Karkar Oil have been added for maximum growth results. 
Biotin: Also known as vitamin B7, works in harmony with other hair-essential nutrients such as Chébé and karkar oil to leave your Coils looking healthy and restored.
Karkar Oil: Traps moisture within the hair strands and allows for the hair to protect itself from breakage.

OH SLIP! SUPER DETANGLING MILK: Because 4c hair can get the brunt of the  tangle woes we have specially formulated this super detangling milk with the finest natural ingredients. Chebe and Karkar Oil continue to provide the growth while natural emollients moisturize, detangle, and condition. 

This super detangling milk brings major hydration to your child’s natural hair from root to tip. Leaves hair manageable, easy-to-comb, with a soft, radiant sheen.

MOISTURE BUTTER CREAM: A great moisturizer specific for 4c hair that is prone to dryness. Use on wet hair after cleansing or daily to soften and condition hair while restoring moisture. The cream  defines curls while nourishing starved cuticles and holds your child's hair gently while resisting humidity. Leave his or her hair feeling soft and manageable with marshmallow roots, avocado oil and more.

4C MIRACLE BLENDS GROWTH OIL: This oil is a fantastic scalp stimulator whose main ingredients are Haitian Castor and Chebe Oil. It is specially engineered to be slightly thicker for 4c hair but lightweight enough to not weigh the hair down.



  • Posted on by Robbie Kidd
    How do I order the kids 4 C? And how much for the kit?
  • Posted on by Sabrinea
    My daughter is 4 and has very fine hair. I am looking for products that will help her hair grow. Can I use the 4c products on her either she doesn’t have 4c textured hair?
  • Posted on by Christina B

    12/2022- was searching for hair products for my 6 mo old . Found out about y’all on Amazon , searched y’all on instagram and finally came to the website everywhere I looked had amazing reviews . I was going to buy the whole 4c kit but I decided to just try out a few products so I bought the 4c moisturizer and oil . And the scalp stimulator from the other kit . Currently trying it on my 5 1/2 year old daughter hair first she has 4c hair that’s really dry.first time use . The moisturizer smells really good like a vanilla bean and makes her hair really soft . And I thought the scalp stimulator was a grease but it melt into the scalp like butter which is even better for me! Also the packaging the oil was bubble wrapped and the moisturizer had tape over it to seal it.
    Def will be buying the whole kit next time ! Just wish the scalp stimulator was in the kit too lol
    Products- 4/5 ⭐️ (hasn’t been a full month of trying it yet to see a growth difference but will come back in Jan/2023)
    Packaging 4/5 ⭐️ (wasn’t nothing fancy or colorful for kids maybe because I didn’t get the kit)

  • Posted on by Queen Divine
    A friend of mine bought this kit for my daughter hair. This product work wonders on her hair the moisture is incredible. I’ve used many products and nothing can compare to this. My daughter hair is more manageable now.
  • Posted on by Crystal
    How do I order the 4C collection?

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